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Breeding / Sales Kosters still going strong


Robert Garner: Breeding thoroughbred racehorses is no business for the faint-hearted. In fact, without loads of luck, capital, revenue from other sources and sound judgment it will almost certainly land you in the poorhouse.

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Breeding / Sales Horses get share market

Former trainer James Goodman heads up the South African division of Equine Hub ( – in short, a revolutionary new stock exchange for thoroughbreds developed in Singapore and due for launch in South Africa in October.

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Breeding / Sales Surcharge sold, scratched


Ken Nicol: Recent impressive Daily News winner Surcharge has been sold to a Chinese owned consortium, and as a consequence is scratched from Saturday’s Champions Cup at Greyville.

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Breeding / Sales Robin Scott on dispersal sale


When Neville Scott started farming at Highdown in Nottingham Road in the 1960s, he couldn’t have imagined that the farm would become one of the most prestigious thoroughbred-producing establishments in South African history.

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