Lips joins handicapping panel


NICCI GARNER: ACE tipster and horseracing expert Matthew Lips – known as “The Oracle’’ and “Magic Lips’’ – has joined the panel of handicappers as senior handicapper alongside Roger Smith. He took up the position last week.

“This is something I enjoy and I am capable of doing. It’s not too different from what I was doing while I was working for `Winning Form’ and `Sporting Post’,’’ he said. “It’s just a slightly different approach. Plus, the opportunity to make a real impact on our racetracks proved too good to resist.

“Handicapping will never be an exact science, but I hope I can add some value to the team.’’

Lips was part of the “Winning Form’’ team since 1988 and “Sporting Post’’ since 1994. Known to most racing fans as a shrewd judge of form, he will be based in Durban, but be handicapping horse all over South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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