Rahilly’s in charge


The National Horseracing Authority (NHA) is pleased to confirm that David Rahilly, a member of the Central Provinces Stipendiary Board, has been appointed as the resident stipendiary steward in Kimberley with immediate effect.

Rahilly has been employed by the NHA as a stipendiary steward for 2½ years. Before that he was involved in the industry as a jockey and trainer during a career spanning three decades.

Flamingo Park Racecourse in Kimberley hosts race meetings on Mondays three times a month and there are seven trainers based at the centre, which accommodates 400 race horses.

Due to its sand track, this centre attracts a steady flow of visiting horses.

With this in mind, the NHA deemed it appropriate that a full-time stipendiary steward be based in this Northern Cape city.

The NHA wishes Rahilly well in his task to ensure that Kimberley becomes a shining example of horsemanship and horseracing in general. – NHA

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