TAB Cup betting opens Wednesday 22 November

TAB Cup betting opens Wednesday 22 November

There’s a 12-race programme on Summer Cup Day, Saturday 25 November, and carryovers to a few of the more popular exotic bets will enhance racing fan’s enjoyment of the day.

TAB betting opens on Wednesday 22 November and punters can bet a TAB All To Come into the Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup. Start your bet on any race meeting from Wednesday 22 November to Friday 24 November and make your last selection a Win or Place bet on the Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup. Mark FUTURE 1 for the Summer Cup portion of your bet, plus horse number and WIN or PLACE

TAB’s full betting menu:

Race 1: Quartet MAXIPOOL – R100,000 carryover; likely pool R700,000

Race 2: BiPot ONE Leg 1 – R51,173 carryover, likely pool R550,000

Race 3: PA Leg 1 – likely pool R1,600,000

Race 4: Pick 6 MEGAPOOL Leg 1 – R1,200,000 carryover; likely pool R5,000,000!

Race 5: Jackpot ONE Leg 1 – likely pool R1,200,000

Race 6: PA Blitz Leg 1 – likely pool R125,000

Race 7: Quartet MAXIPOOL – R500,000 carryover; likely pool R2,200,000!

Bipot TWO Leg 1 – likely pool R200,000

Payouts on first 6 runners to finish

Also M6 for Soccer GG

Race 9: Jackpot TWO Leg 1 – R75,000 carryover; likely pool R900,000

Race 11: Jackpot Quickmix Leg 1 – R21,000 carryover; likely pool R200,000

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