Update on Wrogemann


An update on injured jockey Gunter Wrogemann’s condition has been provided by his wife Sam.

The rider, who has had the best season of his career in 2017-2018, riding over 100 winners, fell from the horse Ancient Code at Turffontein early in June. He has been in the Milpark Hospital intensive care unit since then.

Sam Wrogemann said on Thursday: “His temperature is still not going down but the doctor is waiting for one more blood test to come back. The good news is that the ventilator is just aiding him and he is almost breathing on his own.

“I also saw the orthopaedic surgeon who is going to inject cortisone into his knees tomorrow to see if that helps as he is really in pain every time the nurse moves him. If it is just inflammation it could be that the fever is a result of this (I really pray it is). But we won’t know until the blood test rules out anything else.

“He was very restful and his colour was better today. The doctor just keeps telling me to be patient and give him time.”

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