South African jockeys to challenge the best in the world

South African jockeys to challenge the best in the world


South Africa’s top three jockeys will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove they measure up to the best in the world in a face-to-face challenge with their peers from the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia.

In a one-off Jockeys Challenge, three jockeys each from the UK, Australia, Asia and South Africa will do battle where the bragging rights as the best jockeys in the world will be at stake.

The Jockeys Challenge will be presented by Phumelela Gaming & Leisure and Tabcorp, together with their international subsidiary Premier Gateway International (PGI), and hosted by the Singapore Turf Club on 25 September.

According to International Executive Director of Phumelela, John Stuart, Phumelela has been in a very successful relationship with the Singapore Turf Club (STC) for over a decade. The PGI Jockeys Challenge will entrench this relationship and promote betting across international boundaries.

“We will be looking to put on a very big Pick 6 pool to ignite the race day,” Stuart told Tellytrack in an interview.

“Singapore offers magnificent opportunities and we would love South Africans to get seriously involved in Singapore racing.”

The rules of the PGI Jockeys Challenge are simple: Points will be awarded to each jockey depending on where they finish in each of the races. Points will be aggregated per team, and the team with the most points will be declared the winner.

The jockey who accrues the most individual points, will win the individual competition.

At the time of declaration, a draw will take place to decide which jockeys will be riding which horses.

The UK will be represented by jockeys Hayley Turner (England), Rob Havlin (Scotland) and PJ McDonald (Ireland).

Hugh Bowman, Corey Brown and Kerrin McEvoy will represent the land Down Under.

Exciting news is that the Asian team could well be led by Joao Moreira, who has had a tremendous spell in Hong Kong and is currently riding in Japan.

His teammates will probably be the top two jockeys from the host track.

South Africa will be represented by the top three jockeys as at the end of July – depending on their availability to ride in Singapore on the day.

The current standings dictate that Lyle Hewitson, Muzi Yeni and Greg Cheyne will represent South Africa.

Hewitson, still an apprentice, is set to be crowned the country’s top jockey having ridden 185 winners this season.

Yeni, with 146 winners, and Greg Cheyne with 130 could well complete the SA line-up.

But with a few days’ racing still to go, Aldo Domeyer with 127 winners, will undoubtedly launch an assault on the third spot.

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