MJ out for months

MJ out for months


Ken Nicol: MJ Byleveld has suffered a severe blow with the Cape season looming as he undergoes a neck operation on Friday which is likely to keep him out until the new year.

“I went to see a specialist on Thursday and the MRI scan showed that my spinal cord is being pinched around the C5,6 and 7  vertebra in my neck. He recommended an immediate op so I am going under the knife on Friday” said the always helpful Cape jock. 

The basis of the problem was a fall on the Greyville poly last year while riding Fonteyn for Yogas Govender.

“I suffered a whiplash effect from the tumble, and had dizziness and headaches afterwards.They did a head scan at the time, but not on my neck, which would probably have picked up this problem immediately. 

“Over the past couple of months I’ve had problems with my shoulders and neck which has been getting worse. I was also feeling what felt like electric shocks in my pinky, which was a bit worrying” he says matter of factly as if this was a minor issue.

But then these jockeys are a different breed… 


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