Peter Kannemeyer passes

Peter Kannemeyer passes

Former top trainer Peter ‘PK’ Kannemeyer sadly passed away at his Milnerton residence on Monday morning at the age of 85 following a long battle with illness.

After half a century in the game first as a heavyweight jockey and then a highly successful trainer, he handed over the reins to son Dean in 1999.  

In a recent interview for Computaform, Dean expressed the major part his father had played in his own development.   

“My father was always keen for me to study and get a qualification, and then come back to racing. But I spent more time being at the yard and riding work than doing my homework, so that never got off the ground.”

“I had an excellent grounding both in life and as a trainer from my father, who always did his best to stop me neglecting my schoolwork.”

Peter Kannemeyer is survived by his children Dean, Mark, Lisa and grandchildren.

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