Lyle and Deez off mark

Lyle and Deez off mark


Ken Nicol: Reigning champion Lyle Hewitson scored his first win since qualifying as a jockey when scoring on Malinda in Race 2 at Fairview today.

The filly came home by a comfortable 1.50 lengths for his regular PE employer Yvette Bremner, and went off top of bookmakers boards at 22-10. 

Other Hewitson news is that the exciting young rider has taken Deez Dayanand on as his agent.

Apprentices cannot be represented by agents in terms of NHA rules, but Dyanand was registered the same day that Lyle officially became a jockey.  

Understandably Dyanand is enthusiastic about teaming up with the champion. 

“It’s something we agreed on a while back. I’ve been waiting for this, and am and thrilled the day has finally come” was how he put it. 


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