Small change into big bucks!

Small change into big bucks!

The direct translation of the word Phumelela is to “succeed”. That is exactly what a number of punters have done recently when they succeeded in turning their small change into big money.

Let’s start off with the TAB Soccer 10 pools.

One wizard from the farming town of Groblersdal recently spent a measly R16 on his bet – which returned a mind-boggling R53,653.

Not to be outdone, a Durban customer at Overport is probably still boasting about his R96 ticket which resulted in a pay-out of R60,442.

And in Hartbeespoort a customer who spent R324 profited to the tune of R165,803.

While the Soccer 13 pools are harder to predict, they also tend to offer bigger payouts, simply because this bet requires folks to forecast the results of all 13 matches to win the main dividend.

But, as we all know, with great risk come great reward.

To prove this point, one astute soccer fan spent R307 and won R205,632 while another lucky – or is that visionary – punter forked out R460 and claimed R208,142 in cash!

Remember, there is hope for the punter who predicts at least 10, 11 or 12 of the 13 matches correctly. TAB and Betting World offer consolation pay-outs for most of those ticket holders.

But wait, as they say in the infomercials, there’s more.

While the majority of punters who watch Tellytrack or visit a TAB and Betting World store tend to be there for the horseracing, it comes as no surprise that the racing has also produced its fair share of big winners.

A Place Accumulator player from River Palace wagered R1,000 and won R145,300.

A Quartet genius spent R1,800 at a Betting World shop and walked off with R91,434 in cash!

The possibilities of winning at any of the TAB or Betting World shops are endless. From Futsal to Horseracing, Soccer, Tennis, Cycling, Boxing, Golf, Numbers, Rugby and much, much more – name the sport and it’s there!

Visit or to take a bet.

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