S’Manga and Aldo are OK

S’Manga and Aldo are OK


Ken Nicol: Both S’Manga Khumalo and Aldo Domeyer came out of their heavy falls at Kenilworth on Tuesday without serious injury.

When contacted on Wednesday morning, Aldo Domeyer said:

“I’ve chipped a bone in my ring finger, and strained some back muscles. And my knee is very sore at the moment but there’s no major damage.

“Thankfully there’s no sign of concussion, and I feel fortunate in that it could have been a lot worse.”

Attempts to contact S’Manga Khumalo were unsuccessful.

But MJ Byleveld had liaised with him on Tuesday evening in his capacity as Chairman of the Coastal Jockeys Association.

“S’Manga had x-rays which didn’t show any major problems. He appeared to be relatively fine, and went back to Gauteng on Tuesday night.”

Cape Head Stipe Ernie Rodriguez was a relieved man.

“When these incidents happened I feared the worst, but I’m thrilled that both jockeys and horses have all somehow escaped without major consequences.”

A sentiment with which I am sure we can all fully concur.

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