Gold Cup day entries

Gold Cup day entries


Jack Milner: Buffalo Bill Cody could face Rainbow Bridge in Champions Cup thriller.

The season finale at Greyville on Saturday 27 July is fast looking to be a more exciting option than the Durban July race meeting.

These days just two grade 1 race take place at the Durban July meeting but the  27 July meeting contains four Grade 1 races, a Grade 2 and three Grade 3s, one of them being the eLan Gold Cup over 3200m. 

Sadly, its fall from grace as a Grade 1 race in order to meet international standards is disappointing, but the Gold Cup remains the premier race for stayers on the South African calendar.  

A number of runners who contested the Durban July have been nominated for this R1.25-million race and they are Roy Had Enough, Doublemint and Made To Conquer. Also in there are the horses who ran first, second and third in the Gold Vase on July day.

Gold Vase stars on July day – Walter Smoothie, Dynasty’s Blossom and Strathdon respectively – and well as Betting World 2200 winner Shenanigans have also been entered in the Gold Cup.

The race of the day, however, could be the World Sports Betting Champions Cup over 1800m which is run on weight-for-age terms. Heading up the entries is Vodacom Durban July runner-up Rainbow Bridge, who was touched off in the dying strides by Do It Again.

But the runner who attracted the most interest has to be Buffalo Bill Cody, who is rated as possibly the best horse in the Mike de Kock stable. After having landed some sort of virus when sent to Cape Town to contest the Grade 1 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate, it has taken a while to get back into racing but he returned in style last Sunday to beat Cirillo by 3.25 lengths over 1600m.

On that run and on a line through Cirillo, Buffalo Bill Cody could have this field cold but he has not raced over 1800m and this will be his first run at Greyville. He did draw nicely at No 6 while Rainbow Bridge is drawn at No 10.

Cirillo is also among the entries as is De Kock-trained Soqrat, but they had contradictory fortunes when it came to draws as Cirillo is at No 1 while Soqrat is at No 15 of the 16 runners.

The horse on his outside who has also battled to get a decent draw of late is Durban July third-placed Twist Of Fate.

Also among the entries are Undercover Agent, Durban July fourth-placed Eyes Wide Open, Lady In Black and O Susanna, second in the Grade 1 Jonsson Workwear Garden Province Stakes.

Unbeaten Eden Roc from the Sean Tarry stable has been nominated to line up in the Grade 1 Premiers Champions Challenge over 1600m for two-year-olds.

He has already won the Grade 1 Gold Medallion over 1200m at Scottsville and last Saturday won the Grade 2 Golden Horseshoe over 1400m at Greyville.

He is well drawn at No 4.

The Thekwini Stakes is for two-year-old fillies and looks tricky with 26 nominations.

The final draws will be vital.

The fourth Grade 1 race is the Mercury Sprint over 1200m and this will be mighty competitive with 26 entries in a race where the draws are vital. 

All of the top sprinters are there, including Kasimir, Chimichuri Run, Celtic Sea and Snowdance.

Supplementary entries close at 11am on Monday with Declarations on Thursday 18 July at 11am.


Entries for the R1.25-million eLan Gold Cup (Grade 3) over 3200m at Greyville on Saturday 27 July.

11 ROY HAD ENOUGH (F Robinson) 60.0

9 DARK MOON RISING (P V Lafferty) 59.5

18 DAWN ASSAULT (S J Gray) 59.5

23 MADE TO CONQUER (S J Snaith) 59.5

5 DOUBLEMINT (S J Snaith) 58.5

25 ELUSIVE SILVA (S J Snaith) 58.5

6 STRATHDON (S J Snaith) 58.0

16 LIEGE (S G Tarry) 57.5

17 SECRET POTION (G V Woodruff) 57.5

7 SHENANIGANS (S G Tarry) 56.5

8 WALTER SMOOTHIE (S T Pettigrew) 56.5

3 GIMME ONE NIGHT (B Crawford) 55.5

19 SUNSHINE SILK (G V Woodruff) 55.5

1 ALI BON DUBAI (G V Woodruff) 55.0

2 DYNASTY’S BLOSSOM (J Ramsden) 55.0

15 FLICHITY BY FARR (A Wright) 55.0

13 JUST CRUISED IN (G H Van Zyl) 54.5

4 PACIFIC CHESTNUT (C Bass-Robinson) 54.0

12 WEALTHY (D R Drier) 54.0

26 BONDIBLU (W H Marwing) 53.5

21 DROMEDARIS (R R Sage) 53.0

20 EARTH SKY (B Webber) 52.0

14 FRIKKIE (JVA Strydom) 52.0

22 MAJOR RETURN (M/A Azzie) 52.0

10 ONESIE (JVA Strydom) 52.0

24 TIRZAN (J A Soma) 52.0


Entries for the R1-million WSB Champions Cup (Grade 1) over 1800m

6 BUFFALO BILL CODY (M F De Kock) 60.0


13 EYES WIDE OPEN (G S Kotzen) 60.0

8 HEAD HONCHO (W A Nel) 60.0

9 INFAMOUS FOX (C Dawson) 60.0


2 MATADOR MAN (S G Tarry) 60.0

10 RAINBOW BRIDGE (A E Sands) 60.0

3 ROY HAD ENOUGH (F Robinson) 60.0

11 UNDERCOVER AGENT (B Crawford) 60.0

1 CIRILLO (S G Tarry) 58.5

15 SOQRAT (M F De Kock) 58.5

16 TWIST OF FATE (J Ramsden) 58.5

7 CAMPHORATUS (R/S Hill) 57.5

4 LADY IN BLACK (D R Drier) 57.5

12 OH SUSANNA (S J Snaith) 57.5


Entries for the R1-million Mercury Sprint (Grade 1) over 1200m

15 AFRICA RISING (S G Tarry) 60.0

5 ATTENBOROUGH (J Ramsden) 60.0

16 BOLD RESPECT (B Crawford) 60.0

14 DOWN TO ZERO (M/A Azzie) 60.0

2 HARD TO PLAY (W Whitehead) 60.0

12 KASIMIR (S J Snaith) 60.0

17 PRINCE OF KAHAL (R R Magner) 60.0

19 SAND AND SEA (D R Drier) 60.0

20 SEARCH PARTY (B Crawford) 60.0

21 SUNSET EYES (B Crawford) 60.0

22 TRIBAL FUSION (S W Humby) 60.0

11 TRIP TO HEAVEN (S G Tarry) 60.0

26 VALBONNE (R R Magner) 60.0

1 WILL PAYS (M/A Azzie) 60.0

24 WYNKELDER (A J Rivalland) 60.0

4 ALYAASAAT (M F De Kock) 59.5

3 BASILIUS (T Spies) 59.5

27 CHIMICHURI RUN (S G Tarry) 59.5

13 PALACE CHAPEL (P A Peter) 59.5

10 VAN HALEN (T Spies) 59.5

18 FREEDOM CHARTER (C Bass-Robinson) 57.5

9 LA BELLA MIA (W H Marwing) 57.5

25 NEPTUNE’S RAIN (D C Howells) 57.5

23 SNOWDANCE (S J Snaith) 57.5

6 VISION TO KILL (P M Gadsby) 57.5

8 CELTIC SEA (S G Tarry) 57.0

7 FROSTED GOLD (M F De Kock) 52.5


Entries for the R750,000 Premiers Champion Stakes (Grade 1) over 1600m

22 AD ALTISIMA (M L Roberts) 60.0

5 AFRICAN WARRIOR (D Kannemeyer) 60.0

11 ALIBI GUY (M F De Kock) 60.0

28 ARAPAHO (P A Peter) 60.0

32 ASTRIX (P A Peter) 60.0

7 BHALTAIR (G D Smith) 60.0

3 BLUE SPARK (A G Laird) 60.0

30 BOHICA (M/A Azzie) 60.0

1 CARTEL CAPTAIN (D R Drier) 60.0

40 DEER PARK (Y Govender) 60.0

14 DOUBLE ALLIANCE (J Ramsden) 60.0

9 DOUBLETHINK (P F Matchett) 60.0

4 EDEN ROC (S G Tarry) 60.0

27 ENJOY THE VIEW (M L Roberts) 60.0

20 FOOLS GOLD (R/S Hill) 60.0

36 FROSTED GOLD (M F De Kock) 60.0


10 INTO THE FUTURE (R/S Hill) 60.0

16 KAYDENS PRIDE (N Kotzen) 60.0

17 LIBERTY HALL (D Kannemeyer) 60.0

13 LOOSEN YOUR TIE (T Spies) 60.0

21 MASTER JAY (G S Kotzen) 60.0

23 MASTER OF ILLUSION (D R Drier) 60.0

12 PADRE PIO (D S Bosch) 60.0

15 POINCIANA (G S Kotzen) 60.0



24 ROCK THE GLOBE (S G Tarry) 60.0

34 ROOI TOM (P F Matchett) 60.0

6 SHANGO (S G Tarry) 60.0

25 SPECIAL BLEND (D C Howells) 60.0

18 VAR AND AWAY (M F De Kock) 60.0

39 WAVE (G H Van Zyl) 60.0

38 COCKNEY PRIDE (T Spies) 57.5

31 DECADENT LADY (T Spies) 57.5

8 GALLIC PRINCESS (T Spies) 57.5

29 SAPPHIRE ROCK (T Spies) 57.5

2 SNOW PALACE (T Spies) 57.5

26 TRUE TO LIFE (J J van Vuuren) 57.5

19 WHAT YOU ARE (T Spies) 57.5


Entries for the R750,000 Thekwini Stakes (Grade 1) over 1600m

20 BLUSHING BRIDE (Y Bremner) 60.0

7 CASTELLANO (G S Kotzen) 60.0

21 COCKNEY PRIDE (T Spies) 60.0

24 DANCING FEATHER (G H Van Zyl) 60.0

26 DARK MOON DOWN (P V Lafferty) 60.0

12 DECADENT LADY (T Spies) 60.0

10 ESCAPE TO VICTORY (S G Tarry) 60.0

2 GABOR (G H Van Zyl) 60.0

4 GALLIC PRINCESS (T Spies) 60.0

16 HEART STWINGS (P A Peter) 60.0

19 HEY DELILAH (M L Roberts) 60.0

3 JACK’S BIRD (M L Roberts) 60.0

13 KAYLA’S CHAMP (P F Matchett) 60.0

5 KEEP SMILING (S G Tarry) 60.0

25 LADY DEFIANCE (M F De Kock) 60.0

15 MILL QUEEN (D Nieuwenhuizen) 60.0

22 PALACE OF DREAMS (M F De Kock) 60.0

11 PREFERENTIAL (A Wright) 60.0

17 RAINBOW UNICORN (K Naidoo) 60.0

9 SAPPHIRE ROCK (T Spies) 60.0

23 SNOW PALACE (T Spies) 60.0

6 SWEPT OFF MY FEET (P A Peter) 60.0

1 TRUE TO LIFE (J J van Vuuren) 60.0

8 TWICE AS SPECIAL (A Nassif) 60.0

14 VICTORIA PAIGE (S G Tarry) 60.0

18 WHAT YOU ARE (T Spies) 60.0


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