Fayd’Herbe off longer

Fayd’Herbe off longer


Ken Nicol: Bernard Fayd’Herbe will now be sidelined until at least the middle of October on updated medical advice.

A routine medical check at the end of July revealed concussion like symptoms, and as a precaution he was originally booked off for a month. 

But a follow up visit to the specialist saw his period of rest being extended.

“The neurosurgeon told me things are looking good, but I just need to take a bit more time. I will be going back for a final scan on September 23rd, and expect to be riding again from he middle of October all being well” said Fayd’Herbe on Tuesday from Mauritius, where he is resting and recuperating.

The problem is a cumulative one, and doesn’t relate to any single incident. 

“It’s a shame to start the new season so late, but you obviously can’t take any chances with head injuries.

“I’m just glad this was picked up now, before any further damage was done” concluded a relieved Fayd’Herbe from his sun drenched beach hideout.  


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