Daily double taking off

Daily double taking off

Jack Milner: Bettors who feel the introduction of a daily Double has taken something away from them, are probably looking at this new bet the wrong way around.

Last month a decision was taken to do away with the rolling R1 doubles on all races and introduce a single TAB double with a R6 unit.

The idea was to make this bet more attractive and as a R6 unit, it would help improve payouts.

However, do not forget that TAB gives punters another unique opportunity, and that is to take an All-To-Come bet.

So, if you previously took a Double on Races 1 and 2, you now can take an All To Come on these two races, which essentially, is identical to the Double.

In fact, you have another benefit, in that you can take a Place instead of a Win bet in that All To Come. Also, one is not committed to talking your All To Come in consecutive races, you can take any two races at the meeting. You can take a treble, mixing it up Wins and Places.

The Daily Double is starting to catch on and as it does, and the pools get bigger, one will find the payouts growing with it. The purpose on having the two races usually as Race 6 and 7 as they are on most cards, the best two races of the day.

The Daily Double is now included in all full meetings, local, international and the Blitz meeting.

It is better to look at the Daily Double as something that has been added to your betting menu, rather than something that has been taken away.

To take a bet go to www.tabonline.co.za or www.bettingworld.co.za

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