Young Bloods going for it

Young Bloods going for it

Ken Nicol: The Cape Town premier of Young Bloods took place on Tuesday night, after a similar launch in Johannesburg last week.

This is the first instalment of a Racing It’s A Rush initiative which spotlights the many youthful talents making a name for themselves in the industry on different levels.

Thus jockeys, trainers, vets, breeders, stipendiary stewards and commentators among others give insights into what their role is and challenges they face as they strive to become the next generation of racing greats.

Presented documentary style, the movie effectively gives a rounded picture of the many factors that have to fall into place just for a race to take place.

Current champion jockey Lyle Hewitson features regularly, as do Adam Azzie, Philip Taberer and Alistair Cohen.

This welcome venture deserves mainstream exposure, and could provide an invaluable entry point for anyone seeking to learn what horseracing is and how it functions.

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