Bidvest to sponsor Summer Cup

Bidvest to sponsor Summer Cup


The first anniversary of Chris Gerber’s death was marked at the Wanderers Golf Club.

The prominent owner passed away on 21 October 2018.

Chris was a very popular owner, breeder, and supporter of the racing game in many ways, including from a administrative perspective.

His younger brother Johnny Gerber opened the ceremony by sharing some special moments from Chris’ life before dropping the big news.

“We have some breaking news in honour of my late brother and on that note I would like to introduce Rob Scott to tell you more” he concluded mysteriously.

Phumelela’s Scott then broke the big news that BidVest will be sponsoring the 2019 Summer Cup, courtesy of Lindsay Ralphs and team, who wanted to remember Chris Gerber on this great occasion.

“The greatest race in our province will be called the Gauteng Bidvest Summer Cup in memory of Chris Gerber” was the dramatic pronouncement made by Mr Scott.

Chris Gerber won the Summer Cup with both Malteme and Rudra, so many fond memories are associated with the big day.   


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