Vaal Thursday trainer comments

Vaal Thursday trainer comments

Trainer comments for the Vaal Thursday 14 November.

Race 1

Heinrich van der Westhuizen
No 1 Our Biscuit is working well and I am hoping for a good run
David Nieuwenhuizen
No 3 Tarland will need the experience
Mike Azzie
No 4 Flower Season is very honest and always gives of her best. This is the third opportunity I am giving her rider and I only give three strikes

Race 2

Clint Binda
No 3 Syx Shooter will need the run
No 17 Ethel Rose is a speedy filly with a lot of weight allowance. May run well
Corne Spies
No 5 Waimea: Hoping for improvement
No 14 Valetorio is a decent sort but may still be a bit green
Johan Janse van Vuuren
No 10 Jay Fizz is a speedy sort that can place.
No 15 Abia is a nice type and should be in the money
Tobie Spies
No 11 National News will be very green
No No 19 Naughty Michele will be very green.
Mike Azzie
No 12 Rock The Kazvar had a very good debut and I am hoping he can go one better this time

Race 3

Erico Verdonese
No 4 Officer will need the experience
Sean Tarry
No 9 Dual At Dawn may need the run
Mike Azzie
No 10 Hilton Mist has been gelded so we are hoping for improvement
Chris Erasmus
No 11 Illusive Legacy will be green
Gorkhan Terzi
No 12 In Abundance is a nice sort but will need the experience
Corne Spies
No 13 Numberninetynine will need further but has possible chance of earning some money
Alec Laird
No 16 Travelin Man has a place chance

Race 4

Sean Tarry
No 1 River Jordan may just need the run. Each-way chance in a very competitive field
Johan Janse van Vuuren
No 2 Paddy’s Legacy can earn money
Alec Laird
No 6 August Rain has an each-way chance
No 16 look For A Star has a place chance
Heinrich van der Westhuizen
No 7 Bangor Night is fit and well and might be green in a very competitive field.
Mike Azzie
No 9 Court Jester had a nice first run. We are hoping for improvement trying further
Chris Erasmus
No 14 In Bussum will be green
No 15 Jet On Line will be green
Dorie Sham
No 17 Lorde Royale will need the experience and further
Geoff Woodruff
No 18 tee And Tee Star: Probably too short. May need the run

Race 5

Geoff Woodruff
No 3 Vetr Vel is fit, maybe short but can run a place
Heinrich van der Westhuizen
No 4 Tiki Taka lost some ground last time. If he can jump on terms he can earn some money
Paul Peter
No No 19 The Sandwich Man is a fair sort

Race 6

Gary Alexander
No 2 The Jocelyn Tree has a place chance

Race 7

Sean Tarry
No 2 Return Flight and No 3 Desert Rhythm should need the run.
Alec Laird
No 4 Chitengo is working well and we are expecting her to be in the first 4.

Race 8

St John Gray
No 4 Captain Aldo is doing well but is coming back from a long rest.
Mike Azzie
It is a very strong race and of my 6 carded runners my best for this
race is No 8 Angel’s Power
Alec Laird
No 12 Danza is having a prep run for the Heritage. With a light-weight
he might make the frame
Brett Webber
No 17 Written Stone has been gelded and will need the run

Race 9

Barend Botes
No 3 Silver Master will need the run
No 4 Starflash: I am hoping for a better run
Corne Spies
No 6 Captain Morgane needs some improvement
No 11 Windy Flight has some good times. Possible place chance


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