Two Jackpots on offer

Two Jackpots on offer


TAB will operate a second Jackpot pool on one South African race meeting daily from Friday’s race meeting at Fairview.

The second Jackpot will start on the race after the first leg of the normal Jackpot at race meetings comprising eight or nine races.
So at an eight-race meeting, Jackpot ONE will be on races 4 to 7 as normal and Jackpot TWO on races 5 to 8.

In the case of a nine-race meeting, Jackpot ONE will be on races 5 to 8 and Jackpot TWO on races 6 to 9.

TAB customers must note that in order to play Jackpot TWO in Phumelela regions they must mark venue oval number 9 and the first-leg race number of Jackpot TWO.

TABGOLD customers in KwaZulu-Natal totes must mark the SPQ oval.

This is in order to ensure that will pays for both Jackpot pools on a meeting can be displayed correctly.

So in the case of Jackpot TWO at Fairview on Friday, mark venue oval 9 (not E CAPE) and Race 5 to bet.

If there are two South African meetings on a day, Jackpot TWO will be offered on the race meeting likely to attract the bigger pool.- Phumelela Gaming


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