New man on NHA Board

New man on NHA Board

Newly appointed NHRA National Board Director.

With the resignation of Adv P Stais SC, a position became vacant on the National Board of Directors of The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa (the NHA).

In terms of Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the NHA, the Nominations Committee has appointed Mr Laurence Wernars to fill the vacancy on the National Board in terms of clause 15.1.1 of the Constitution.

Mr Wernars is an entrepreneur and a highly skilled negotiator who is currently the Owner and Chairman of the Studio 88 Group of Companies which comprises of just over 560 stores in Africa.

Mr Wernars is also heavily invested in the sport of horseracing for 30 years and his current string of horses in racing and breeding is in excess of 250. He has also served on multiple Boards within the Horseracing Industry with his recent resignation being from the Racing Association Board on 9 December 2019.

The NHA welcomes Mr Wernars to the National Board and we believe that his passion of the sport of horseracing will stand him in good stead to ensure that the NHA’s objectives will continue to be met.

This appointment is effective from 10 December 2019.

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