Delight at the beach

Delight at the beach


Jack Milner: Snaith Racing delights owners, special guests and media with a morning of beach, beverages and breakfast.

In what has become a regular annual event, the Snaith yard brought a group of their horses to have some fun on the beach near Muizenberg and invited a number of their owners and the media.

As is always the case with the Snaith family, it was a well organised event in which they even supplied well-brewed coffee, with options that included Cappucino, Latte amd Machiatto, to those attending.

The transport carrying the horses arrived and they were unloaded. They were then mounted and ridden to the edge of the water where walked up and down the beach. Bernard Fayd’Herbe hopped aboard Kasimir while the remainder of the horses were ridden by former champion jockey Felix Coetzee, Justin Snaith and his father Chris, as well as their regular grooms.


Once out of the water the horses were allowed to roll in the beach sand before boarding the transport and return to their Phillippi yard.

 Most of the guests were then invited to a scrumptious breakfast at the beaurtiful Casa Labia in Muizenberg.        





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