TAB explains payout glitch

TAB explains payout glitch

The payout of R759.40 for Jackpot Quickmix Two on Sunday was correct, but the incorrect net pool was displayed.

TAB apologises for the confusion and consternation this caused to TAB and TABGold customers.

The error arose from a R11,178 carryover from Jackpot Quickmix One on Sunday, which was removed and added to TAB’s Jackpot carryover reserve in terms of TAB’s carryover policy.

The system, however, added this carryover to the Jackpot Quickmix Two net pool for display purposes. It was mistakenly not deleted with the result that the final net pool displayed was R32,545 and not R21,367.20 as should have been the case.

The system did not take the carryover into account in calculating the dividend and the official payout of R759.40 to 28.136 winning tickets was correct as displayed.

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