Jockey travel ban lifted

Jockey travel ban lifted

Following Saturday’s announcement that Covid-19 restrictions in SA have been relaxed to Lockdown level 2, the National Horseracing Authority (NHA) have lifted a number of restrictions.

Our racing districts are no longer classified as “hot spots”.   The NHA is pleased to announce further amendments to its current protocols.

  • Riders’ travel restrictions will be lifted. (Interprovincial travel allowed). 
  • The Racing Operators can determine the time of the last race, but the carded time of the final event should NOT be later than 21h30.
  • The field sizes can revert to normal as per the Racing Operator conditions.

The status quo as per the following rules remain effective:

  • Owners are permitted to enter the racecourse subject to the strict protocols as issued by the Racing Operators and the Racing Association.
  • Any persons with comorbidities shall NOT be able to attend a race meeting.

Further relaxations may be implemented in conjunction with the status of the Coronavirus pandemic, together with any positive changes to the Government’s adjusted risk strategy.

The NHA is again pleading to all participants to continue to self-regulate regarding prevention and hygiene practices. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has now reached its peak in South Africa, the scientific and worldwide statistics, have also shown a resurgence of the virus after same has been achieved in other Countries.

Therefore, we cannot become complacent or abandon any of our health precautions that we know are necessary to prevent the spread of the virus.

Individual responsibility will go a long way in assisting the South African Horseracing Industry to be in the position to be able to continue racing, thus creating value and the ultimate sustainability thereof.



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