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National Horseracing Authority NHA has Virtual Boardroom

The National Horseracing Authority is pleased to confirm that on Monday, 2 September 2019, an exciting advance in Racing Control technology was launched, which is vital to maintaining the highest levels of integrity in the sport of horseracing in Southern Africa.

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Other News ‘Nothing sinister’ in Lyle delay


The National Horseracing Authority (NHA) has made it clear there was “nothing sinister” in the fact jockey Lyle Hewitson’s 14-day suspension had been deferred into the new season which began yesterday.

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Other News 100% for NHA lab

The National Horseracing Authority has just been advised that, in the International Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program conducted during 2019 by the Association of Official Racing Chemists, its Laboratory has again obtained a perfect score of 100% in detecting prohibited substance at the required sensitivities in blind urine as well as blood specimens.

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